Some of us need the same thing.

Daven For Me and I’ll Daven For You is rooted in the Talmudic dictum, ‘Kol Hamispaleil B’ad Chaveiro V’hu Tzorich L’oso Davar, Hu Ne’eneh T’chilah’, one who prays on behalf of his friend and is in similar straits, he is answered first.

From me to you, with brotherly love.

Prayer is never just about you or me. It is about the fate and wellbeing of all of klal yisroel, including you and me. That’s why Daven For Me matches up people in need of similar tefilos. As we learn to set aside our own worries and say Tehilim for one another, the impact in heaven is indelible.

I’ll ask and we both shall receive.

No tefillos are more powerful than those we offer up with love and compassion on behalf of a fellow Jew who’s awaiting a similar yeshua. When we choose to focus our kapitlach and pesukim on their needs, the answer to our prayers is never far away. So I’ll daven for you and you’ll daven for me. And we will both witness miracles, b’ezras hashem.

A plight worth a thousand words.

We take their needs, hopes and dreams as seriously as those of our own: From our neighbors aching for a child, to our friends battling illness in the family, to our classmates longing for their bashert – their plight is certainly worth a thousand of our prayers.

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5 perakim.
A world of possibilities.

Joining this program is easy, absolutely free, and tremendously rewarding. You deserve to experience the yeshua you are pining for, so please apply today by filling in and submitting the form provided.

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Each of our thousands of members recites 5 perakim of Tehilim daily on behalf of a fellow Jew. In turn, the recipient recites 5 perakim of Tehilim on their behalf. Gedolei HaTorah have endorsed and expressed their enthusiasm for Daven For Me.

This is chapter 151.

After partaking in the Daven For Me program, countless individuals and families have experienced yeshuos, refuos, and other remarkable life stories. The 150 humble chapters of Tehilim, empowered by the selflessness of the Jews reciting them, have delivered time

Let’s partner in prayer.

Daven For Me is here for you and made possible by you.
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